Call for Papers 2017

The Examined Life

An Undergraduate Conference in the Liberal Arts

March 23-24, 2017

Lebanon Valley College



We invite undergraduate students to submit proposals on topics related to the Liberal Art disciplines associated with the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. While proposals might address any appropriate topic, priority will be given to those related to this year’s theme, “The Cultural Politics of Memory.” Memory plays a central role in shaping our identity, both individual and collective. However, memories are not mere representations of the past but active processes of production that reconfigure our relation to the present and future. How we remember, what we choose to remember over what we choose to forget, involves the question of power that flows through a range of social relations and institutions including politics, science, the arts, religion, economy, technology, and media. At our conference, we will explore the diverse ways and forms in which memory shapes our social existence.


The keynote address will be delivered by H. Peter Steeves, Professor of philosophy and Director of Humanities Center, DePaul University.


We encourage traditional paper presentations as well as posters, films, art, poetry, drama, and other forms of creative expression. Presenters will have approximately 20 minutes per session. At the conclusion of the conference, a panel of judges will award the top student performers with cash prizes.


Paper proposals (approximately 250 words) are due by February 23, 2017. Please include your full name, title, format (paper, poster, etc.), institution, email, phone number, and the name and contact information of your academic advisor. All paper presentations must be submitted in full by March 19, 2017. Email proposals and papers to


This conference is open to the public and free for presenters and non-presenters. For more information contact Dr. An Yountae at



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